Creative Biogene Unveils Comprehensive Non-Viral Gene Delivery Systems to Expedite The Process of Drug Development

June 18 20:28 2020
Baseceuticals recently Baseceuticals announces its release of non-viral gene delivery system in order to offer the appropriate non-viral vectors and design a detailed solution to accelerate the preclinical applications.

New York, USA – June 18, 2020 – Baseceuticals, the division of Creative Biogene, mainly targeting gene therapy to provide various services for researchers and institutes in the process of drug development. Recently Baseceuticals announces its release of non-viral gene delivery system in order to offer the appropriate non-viral vectors and design a detailed solution to accelerate the preclinical applications.

Gene therapy is the process of introducing foreign genomic material into a host cell to produce a therapeutic effect. Efficient and safe gene delivery system is an important aspect of successful gene therapy. Gene delivery systems include viral vectors and non-viral vectors. Compared with viral gene delivery systems, non-viral gene delivery systems are more cost-effective, available, and more importantly, the immune system is less induced than viral systems, and the size of transgenic DNA is not limited, which makes it more effective than viral gene delivery systems. The non-viral gene delivery systems offered by Baseceuticals include naked DNA delivery, liposome-mediated gene delivery and exosome-based delivery systems.

Naked DNA can directly transfer genes into skin, thymus, heart muscle, and especially skeletal muscle and liver cells when injected directly, which makes it an effective option for gene therapy in the clinical application due to its inherent simplicity and ease of production in bacteria. As the world’s leading biotechnology company, Baseceuticals is confident to provide naked DNA services to researchers worldwide. The custom naked DNA service starts with a free consultation, and feasibility analysis for each situation will be conducted.

Recent studies have shown that exosomes can be used to deliver therapeutic cargo for treatment. Exosomes are nanoscale extracellular vesicles that can effectively deliver different kinds of cargo (such as lipids, DNA, RNA, and proteins) to target cells. Natural exosomes and natural exosomes that have been modified to improve delivery capabilities have been widely used in gene therapy and drug delivery. They can efficiently transport medicines, which are easy to store and can reduce safety risks. The Exosome Delivery Vehicle Service Provided by Baseceuticals includes Exosome isolation, purification, characterization and profiling ect., and for specific needs, custom exosome service always is available to propose the best strategy.

In the past few years, liposomes have become a promising gene delivery system, with continuous development from research to clinical trials. A carefully designed liposome system may lead to optimized gene transfection, especially in vivo. The success of liposome-mediated gene delivery is due to extraordinary advantages. With many years of experience in gene delivery, technical expertise and advanced facilities, Baseceuticals is committed to providing customers with cost-effective and flexible solutions with fast turnaround time.

“Baseceuticals is a leader in developing and manufacturing non-viral gene delivery vectors. We have been working to improve the efficiency of non-viral vectors used in gene delivery systems by optimizing structure and characteristics,” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “We are capable to provide one-stop service for non-viral vectors, including gene selection and development. Just let us know the specific needs and we will provide you with the best strategy.”

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