Creative Biolabs Serves as an Activist in Immunotherapy Development

March 28 07:12 2023
Creative Biolabs supports the development of mainstream cancer therapies which focus on reprogramming the immunosuppressive state of the tumor microenvironment to make the condition normal and further activate the anti-tumor response of immune cells.

New York, USA – March 27, 2023 – Immunotherapy is another sword found to defeat cancer after targeted therapy. Creative Biolabs, being a pioneer in providing services for immunotherapeutic development, depends on its knowledgeable scientists and state-of-the-art technologies to deliver high-quality services to researchers worldwide who are committed to innovating immunotherapy.

Creative Biolabs offers technical services for several types of immunotherapies as follows:

Immune Checkpoint Therapy

“Immune checkpoint blockade therapy is based on inhibiting the binding of programmed death receptors expressed on the surface of T cells to their ligands. Immune checkpoint receptors significantly maintain the immunologic balance and regulate tumorigenesis,” a scientist at Creative Biolabs emphasized.

Creative Biolabs, deeply researching the signaling pathways and significance of immune checkpoint molecules, establishes a platform related to immune checkpoints, and provides a variety of immune checkpoint-based drug development services:

* Immune Checkpoint Antibody Development

* Immune Checkpoint Protein Development

* Immune Checkpoint Targeted Peptide Development

* Immune Checkpoint Targeted Small Molecular Development

γδ T Cell Therapy

The extraordinary properties of γδ T cells prepare them with great potential for immunotherapy of oncology, infections, and autoimmune diseases. Creative Biolabs offers research-assisted γδ T Cell services, including but not limited to:

* γδ T cell isolation, activation, expansion, characterization, and migration assay.

* A series of technical supports to predict and analyze the function of γδ T-cell receptors specifically involve γδ TCR repertoire and transcriptome analysis, γδ TCR generation, γδ TCR-ligand reaction analysis, etc.

Macrophage-Based Therapy

The scientist added, “Similar to T cells, macrophages as immune cells with strong phagocytic functions also have the potential to kill tumor cells. Macrophage-based therapy is gaining momentum as a promising strategy for cancer immunotherapy.”

Creative Biolabs furnishes forefront macrophage reprogramming services to greatly inhibit cancer development. Additionally, targets such as macrophage receptors (i.e., toll-like receptors), RNA delivery, and antibodies have also been considered to achieve the same immune effect.

Other macrophage-related services supplied by Creative Biolabs contain macrophage characterization, engineering services for drug delivery, marker development, and so on.

Mentioned above is a partial list of immunotherapeutic development services. Further services can be found at

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs, equipped with a team of experienced scientists and purpose-built facilities, is well-established in immunotherapies with varied assistants in meeting the diversified needs of global clients and ensuring reliable support at any stage of our clients’ research process.

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