Exchange updates its website and service to provide users with convenient, fair and compliant services

January 16 15:17 2023

To better keep the safety of crypto assets, Exchange updates its website and service to provide users with convenient, fair and compliant services´╝îincluding the website page layout, transaction security, and identity authentication. Exchange continues to improve the security performance of the website

Established in 2017, Belem exchange has been on the road of compliance, serving more than 8 million users in 120 countries around the world with its top technical team and excellent business operation capability.

Belem is ambitious and committed to improving the financial ecosystem, building the global financial industry ecological chain, providing users with convenient, fair and compliant services, and becoming a promoter of industry development and innovation.

To ensure the security and trustworthiness of the Exchange, has Continuously build from three aspects of rugulation, protection features and website construction to enhance the influence of the exchange in the Crypto world.

About the regulation Exchange, Denver-based, has become one of the few crypto asset trading companies that obtained compliance license, including MSB financial license of the United States, MAS license of Singapore, MSB license of Canada and other countries and regions of the financial regulation license, and on the website, has the introduction of the license. The founder of Belem exchange has said many times that “crypto assets are not illegal, and the disclosure of compliance information is only the first step of It is the top priority of global crypto asset exchanges to build security barrier with technology and rebuild trust mechanism of crypto assets.”

About the protection features has launched several kinds of protection features, such as “message force delay”, which can effectively protect the user assets at critical times, allowing application developers to specify that certain messages must wait a relatively short period of time after being included in a block before being applied. During this time, messages can be canceled. If the user does not authorize the message, log in to the account to restore the account data and withdraw the message.” This function can be regarded as a “regret medicine”, which gives the user a chance to save and start again when the user questions the instruction/message sent.

About the website construction keeps the construction of the website and updates its functions, such as login authentication, information encryption, Website UI, to ensure that ranks top in the completion of the official website of the industry. The majority of users can log in and compare with other exchange websites.

According to an official report by Reuters, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has prioritized crypto assets, information security, the private fund sector, and environmental, social and governance issues for scrutiny. The release of this news speaks volumes about how security and crypto assets have risen to the core of macro concerns.

In the future, would join hands with the world’s other top exchanges to become the defender of the red line of security, provide crypto asset services under compliance, link reality and virtual through information technology, and share symbiosis and win-win with users.

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