Hohem Go and iSteady Q Review: TOP 2 Vlogging Selfie Tripod and Stick in 2022

October 19 01:31 2022

With social media prevailing, people are used to using selfie tripods or sticks to record their life. Selfie products make it friendly to document the precious moments. No matter it’s just a video for home life or traveling , having one is almost essential nowadays. But it’s difficult to choose a suitable vlogging selfie tripod or stick since the products in this market are mixed up with good and bad ones.

Thankfully, Hohem, as a renowned innovator in gimbal stabilizers, specializing in intelligent imaging tech and having provided revolutionary smart stablizer products and solutions for decades, brings two star product in this market. This article is aimed to review Hohem Go Auto Face Tracking Tripod and Hohem iSteady Q selfie stick. Fret no more because the details covered are quite helpful. By the end of this article, people should be able to decide which stick would be most suitable and practical to hold their smart phones.

Take a look at Hohem Go Auto Face Tracking Tripod first. The cute appearance design and simple color scheme have attracted a lot of fans. With a small size, it’s very easy to carry around anywhere. What’s cooler is obviously its integrated functions.


Adopting the Hohem advanced Al face tracking technology, this auto face tracking tripod detects and tracks vloggers’ face smoothly and steadily without noise. That means vloggers can move in front of the screen as they wish and the tripod will follow them smoothly. This is especially friendly to dancers, social media influencers who don’t have shooting team.


In order to make the video shooting more convenient, Hohem Go Auto Tracking Stand adopts gesture control to free hands. Make the “OK” gesture to enable the tracking while making the “PALM” gesture to suspend the tracking. This helps food influencers a lot. When they are filming a food vlog, their hands are always busy and not convenient to touch the screen. With this gesture function, they can easily change their shooting lens easily.

Easy to carry, auto tracking the face and being able to be controlled without touching, Hohem Go Auto Face Tracking Tripod is a well-deserved star in this field.

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Hohem Go: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B6NRG8R5

Here comes the second selfie star, Hohem iSteady Q Selfie Stick.

For non-photographers, when they shoot a vlog, their hands may experience involuntary shaking, which leads to unclear video pictures. Hohem iSteady Q, featuring outstanding anti-shake performance, whose 2 axis anti shaking function gives the vloggers stability and auto-balance technology which makes it easy for the phone to stay stable in the horizontal or vertical phase while recording videos.

Another function worth mentioning is Hohem iSteady Q is a 4 in 1 Selfie Stick Stabilizer. This 4 in 1 expandable portable phone selfie stick has 4 different forms, gimbal stabilizer, expandable stick, desktop tripod stands and desktop 360°follow mode. When travelling outside, vloggers can choose gimbal stabilizer and expandable stick modes. When staying indoor, vloggers can use desktop tripod stand and desktop 360°modes. The different application scenarios are taken into carefully consideration.

Apart from the above two notable functions, Hohem iSteady Q is light to carry and extendable easily.

No matter for professional or daily use, Hohem Go and iSteady Q are good choices for selfie vlogging.

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Hohem iSteady Q: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09DFTHJTH

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