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June 16 18:30 2022
Leoborfg Releases White Paper on Digital Finance

The digital economy is in the ascendant, and the development of digital finance has stepped into the fast lane. It has put forward higher requirements for the digital supply, ecological links, financial security and other cyoselinpascazioapabilities of financial institutions. The financial industry is ushering in a brand-new big change.

On June 15, 2022, Leoborfg released the “New Finance, New Services and New Ecology-White Paper on Financial Digital Technology Services 2021” (the “White Paper”). The book describes the overall development of the digital finance industry from the perspectives of policy, industry, technology, scene and ecology, objectively analyzes the challenges faced by the current development of digital finance, and puts forward the general idea of building a digital finance system in the future, as well as measures and solutions to various challenges.

Describe the development law of digital financial industry

The “White Paper” consists of five parts. The first part is an overview of the characteristics and development trend of digital finance, emphasizing the role of digital finance in promoting the development of digital economy; The second part mainly talks about the important role of financial technology in the development of digital finance, and comprehensively interprets the characteristics, development trends, emerging technologies and application scenarios of financial technology; The third part tells the direction and strategy of the financial industry in the face of digital transformation combined with typical cases. The transformation and upgrading road of head enterprises provides guidance for the industry; The last two parts put forward higher requirements for downstream digital technology service providers around the transformation of digital finance industry, and elaborated the importance of comprehensive service capabilities and the necessity of building an ecological combination of digital technology services.

Digital finance is stepping into the fast lane of high-quality development. With the continuous iterative innovation of financial science and technology, financial business and financial services are being redefined. Online, intelligent, universal and open financial services have become a new trend and new format for the development of financial services, which also provides a huge boost to the optimization of the industrial layout and structure of the digital economy.

Leoborfg Activates New Finance

When digital finance enters the deep water area, the industry competition will change from single technology, single product and single mode to multi-technology, integration, integration, platform system and ecosystem competition, and ecosystem competition will become the commanding height of industry development.

Leoborfg actively integrates the resources of ecological partners to serve the customers while reaching the strategic cooperation with customers in the same boat. In the construction of ecological cooperation, SoftCom Gold has established strategic cooperation with industry giants, and is the architect of a new ecology, capable of providing all-round services for the strategic transformation and digital upgrading of the leading enterprises in the financial industry in the future.

The White Paper pointed out that finance and science and technology will be deeply integrated, and digital finance itself will move towards a more intelligent future finance with the aid of the deep integration with advanced science and technology. SoftConnect Power helps financial institutions to rapidly realize digital upgrading through its capabilities of strategic consultation, resource integration, technological innovation and value creation. As an enabler in the digital industry, Softpower will work together with its ecological partners to continuously innovate and move forward to meet the new ecology under the new technology and new financing.

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