Anthoni Styvens – The CEO That Is Changing The Way Users Stream

June 03 15:40 2022
Anthoni Styvens - The CEO That Is Changing The Way Users Stream
As streaming platforms become the most used form of entertainment for consumers, Priymus is set to change the way streaming platforms operate. Priymus will be the only streaming platform that gives something to their consumers, in the form of digital currency rewards. The more users watch and consume, the more rewards they earn.

New York, NY – June 3rd, 2022 – Priymus has made international headlines this week as they announce the development and upcoming launch of their new streaming platform. The current development of Priymus is to be an all-inclusive streaming platform where subscribers can earn crypto tokens by watching TV shows, movies, music videos, special events, and live concerts on a single platform for one monthly fee.

Anthoni Styvens, a Guyanese-born tech entrepreneur, and TV producer with degrees in film production, editing, and sound engineering discovered that necessity was the mother of invention during the Covid-19 pandemic. At this moment, he was blessed with a stroke of genius. He began developing Priymus along with his team of industry professionals, which is a streaming platform that rewards subscribers with a cryptocurrency token called “Cerulean” for consuming TV, film, and music video content.

During a recent interview, Anthoni was quoted as saying, “While the pandemic was raging, I found myself unable to work due to the enormous amount of people needed to produce a single TV program, where a typical set can have anywhere from ten to thirty people. And with the way the first variant of Covid-19 was rapidly spreading among everyone, I did not want to get the virus or pass it to anyone else. During that time I wasn’t making any money, however, I would have to subscribe to various streaming platforms for different types of programming. As a result, it became extremely expensive to keep myself entertained. I imagined that if I were compensated for watching television, I would be able to afford these services without a problem.”

To that end, Anthoni’s global vision is to have Priymus be powerful enough to impact the world. The platform is intended to be able to introduce the world of Web 3.0 technology and cryptocurrency to anyone without hassle or prior knowledge. “Being an African American immigrant from South America myself, I have firsthand knowledge of the struggles one can face especially without money or family in the U.S. to help them back home. So I created Priymus to earn our Cerulean tokens and help those who are less fortunate.”

The Priymus streaming platform and Cerulean tokens will enable underserved individuals anywhere in the world to earn cryptocurrency and then transfer those tokens to a Cerulean Visa debit card to afford basic necessities of life by doing what they’ve always done, and getting nothing in exchange for it, which is streaming. And thanks to its “Earn.Stream.Redeem” model, Priymus will fundamentally change the way millions of streaming subscribers consume content.

Anthoni stated, “Thus, I ask you: Are you ready to join Priymus and Take back the power!?”  

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