Schools Use Technology To Bring In Volunteers For Volunteers Week

June 02 18:06 2022
PlanSocial’s volunteering app is dramatically increasing parent involvement in PTA activities, as school fundraising events take off this summer.

Schools and non-profits have suffered from funding shortages in recent years, as many fundraisers were canceled during the pandemic. Today’s school families are looking for a way to make a difference, and ‘Volunteers Week’ from June 1-7 appears to be a great place to start. Many more parents are now able to participate, thanks to the discovery of PlanSocial web software by School Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs).

PlanSocial has completely changed how schools and non-profits conduct their events, thanks to their revolutionary technology that allows them to share volunteer tasks more granularly. Enlisting the help of more than a few volunteers has often proven to be difficult for event organisers due to communication bottlenecks, as they must frequently communicate with each volunteer individually. 

PlanSocial’s collaborative platform eliminates administrative overhead by allowing them to publish all accessible bite-sized activities online with suitable instructions, and a real-time sign-up sheet that allows anyone to volunteer with just one click. This has resulted in a surge in volunteers. PlanSocial has made communication more accessible, as it allows PTAs to easily send emails to all relevant volunteers with personalised reminders.

Tes Macpherson, the CEO of the company, was quoted as saying, “We’re delighted with the impact PlanSocial’s app has had on the culture of volunteering in schools, empowering every parent to contribute their time or skills and feel good about playing their part in the success of their community. We’ve seen volunteer numbers increase six fold, and best of all, those volunteers keep coming back. We believe in making parents feel good about doing a little to help, instead of guilty for not doing a lot.”

School PTAs can start a free PlanSocial hub and upgrade by the 10th of June and obtain a QR code scanning capability for free till the end of the summer as part of their social offer. Non-profits can pre-sell tickets and food vouchers to get paid in advance, so they may buy stock for the event, forecast visitor numbers to avoid overcrowding, and prepare food and activity schedules. This will also reduce the risk of fraud and exposure to Covid as there will be no need to handle cash.

About PlanSocial 

Established in 2012 when Tes Macpherson, the CEO, noticed that most parents felt unable to volunteer at schools despite their best intentions, PlanSocial is a web app that has expanded to serve as an all-in-one communications platform for school communities, including volunteering, group management, event ticketing and sponsorship, and donations.

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