AttractionNaction Incorporated Optimizes Power Storage With Stackable Graphene Supercapacitor Power Packs

May 31 17:57 2022
The company is dedicated to offering the safest and most efficient batteryless technology, effectively combining solar energy recharging with graphene supercapacitor power storage.

Florida, USA – May 31, 2022 – AttractionNaction Incorporated is delighted to announce that gaming enthusiasts, as well as all other computer users, can confidently rely on its green products for efficient power management.

The Florida-based company specializes in manufacturing environmentally friendly products including wireless gaming keyboards, a wireless mouse, efficient indoor lights, and solar candles. Taking a bold green step toward reducing battery pollution, the environmentally conscious company currently offers the safest and most efficient batteryless technology.

Driven by the desire to transform man-made waste into a reliable power source, the company focuses on finding alternative uses for the tons of carbon-based garbage produced daily. And provides stackable graphene supercapacitor power packs and Magnetic Power Cells to replace lead and lithium-ion batteries used in many devices and vehicles.

“Our primary focus shall always be to clean the planet and at the same time get very positive power using nature’s gifts such sunlight and wind and even indoor wasted lighting as generating sources using simple 5 component booster circuitry.”

Through the use of its exclusive graphene-coated magnetic technology: patented magnetic connectors, magnetic disconnects, and magnetic switches, AttractionNaction effectively combines solar energy recharging with graphene supercapacitor power storage.

In addition to providing efficient power management, AttractionNaction also aims to help provide clean drinking water to underdeveloped communities through the use of its solar-powered water pumps.

Describing itself as the future of connectivity, the company has successfully developed a patented self-sufficient automatic electric car charging station that will work without cords to serve the needs of future autonomous vehicles.


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