Most powerful mining rigs released by JASMINER X4

May 13 21:32 2022

Making a profit by investing in crypto mining relies heavily on the hash rate and power consumption of the mining hardware. To ensure the high profitability of mining rig products, JASMINER, the world’s leading high-throughput computing power chip company, has opened up a solid investment opportunity for all crypto enthusiasts. The company was founded with the purpose and mission to make cryptocurrency mining simple, efficient and energy efficient by designing and developing products that are profitable for all miners.

JASMINER’s X4 series high-throughput servers are equipped with the world’s leading high-throughput computing chips that integrate storage and computing, which can be used to mine ETC, ETH, and flagship products such as JASMINER X4 High-throughput Mini server、JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U/1U-C server、JASMINER X4 High throughput Quiet server, etc. JASMINER provides a “High Throughput, High Hash Rate, Low Power” mode that has not been used in any other mining equipment so far, allowing these servers to provide extraordinary computing power while keeping power consumption values low.

Hash Power

The most exciting feature of JASMINER X4 high-throughput servers is their powerful computing performance. Compared with other products, JASMINER provides mining enthusiasts with higher income opportunities due to the high hash rate brought by the integrated high-throughput chip of storage and computing. The hash rates of Mini server, 1U server, 1U-C server and Quiet server are 65MH/s±10%, 450MH/s±10%, 520MH/s±10% and 1040MH/s±10%, respectively.

Power Consumption

Besides hash rate, power consumption is another key factor that determines the profitability of any mining rig. JASMINER X4 also has a high score in this regard. The power consumption of Mini server, 1U/1U-C server and Quiet server has reached an amazing level, only 30W, 240W and 480W respectively.

Mining Environment

Not only has excellent performance, but all servers of the JASMINER X4 series are also suitable for use in multiple scenarios, which has become another key advantage of them. Unlike most other mining equipment on the market, the X4 series products are light, small, and quiet. For example, the bare metal weight of the Mini server is only 4.56kg, and the noise value is close to 0, there is no problem in mining it on the desk in the office; 1U/1U-C server adopts 1U standard specification, which saves space and is easy to arrange and place; Quiet server adopts 3U standard specification and is suitable for different scenarios such as home and IDC room.

Nowadays, “simple and easy to use” is also an important pursuit of miners for mining rig products. JASMINER X4 series products also allow miners to use without any experience or knowledge, as these products are delivered pre-configured with an easy-to-use interface, users just need to connect the server to a power outlet and access the network to start mining easily. Due to its high hash power and extremely low power consumption, the JASMINER X4 series high-throughput servers are more profitable than any other mining rig on the market.


JASMINER is a high-throughput chip-focused crypto company whose mission is to improve the global crypto mining landscape by developing and delivering the latest technological innovations. The company offers a range of cutting-edge ASIC high-throughput servers designed to make crypto mining more efficient and energy-efficient than ever before, allowing miners to have high hash power while consuming less energy. The ultimate goal of JASMINER is to democratize, save energy and make trust simpler by allowing ordinary people to benefit from it.

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