JASMINER well helps the development of Metaverse

November 30 20:07 2021

Metaverse continues to become popular, JASMINER well helps the development of Metaverse

Facebook, Microsoft, Nike…The world’s largest brands are turning to Metaverse. However, there is no doubt that these companies do this precisely because of their brands.

“People wonder here whether they really apply to an open Metaverse, just like the current elements of the Ethereum community. But these big brands should realize that Ethereum is the Metaverse infrastructure, and ETH is the Metaverse currency. If they want to strike a balance between their business goals and the need to open up Metaverse, then all roads will pass through Ethereum. ” Some experts pointed out that,that Ethereum is the best infrastructure for users to connect super galaxies into an open super universe. With ETH, users have a native Metaverse currency. With the new progress of Ethereum L2 in terms of effectiveness, it will support billions of users. With DeFi and NFT, people have a reliable and neutral infrastructure that connects super galaxies with common, interoperable cultural and economic barriers.

ETH is the Metaverse currency, and Ethereum is the Metaverse infrastructure, but not every corner and crevice of Metaverse should be financialized. Rather, it is about supporting the open Metaverse through the possibility of cultural and economic exchanges that are not dominated by a company or country from beginning to end. Building an open Metaverse requires all kinds of people, and an open Metaverse is suitable for all kinds of people. As Ethereum, DeFi, and NFT promote arbitrary programmability, these technologies will support various Metaverse communities and projects in the coming years. This is a great idea, namely Metaverse freedom.

So, how to achieve Metaverse freedom? The realization of Metaverse requires a large amount of computing power, and the blockchain provides this foundation for the realization of Metaverse. As a leading company in the blockchain, JASMINER can create more work output under the same energy consumption and maintain the computing power support of the blockchain technology. Every technology company dedicated to promoting global digitization is contributing its own strength. JASMINER X4, as a high-throughput computing power chip released by JASMINER under the umbrella of JASMINER, provides computing power support in the process of global digitization. Power is the cornerstone of a digital society.

There are 8 jasminer x4 chips in the JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER, which has the advantages of low power consumption, small size, and 1U server form. It is suitable for scenarios such as IDC computer rooms and homes. Support ETC/ETP/EXP/PIRL/DBIX/RESOC/EGEM/ELLA/ATH/MIX/CLO/MOAC/ETHO/ETX and other currencies, using ETCHASH algorithm, the computing power is 520MH/s±10%, the power consumption is 240W±10%, and the electricity bill accounts for only 3%.

Now, JASMINER is recruiting distributors from all over the world to jointly promote the JASMINER X4-1U ETCHASH SERVER, a product that “ambuses” Metaverse’s investment opportunities in advance. JASMINER is reliable in quality, covering mid-to-low-end channels, and supported by several franchising policies. JASMINER looks forward to working with high-quality distributors around the world to build long-term strategic partnerships and make greater breakthroughs on the track of Ethereum mining! If interested in resellers, please use the official website or email to contact.

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