Free P2E NFT Game Fully Backed By ETH

November 30 16:42 2021

With the growing popularity of blockchain games, including Axie, the entry price scares off new players. In Autumn 2021 a new game appeared which can be played for free in the current early version –  NFTcraft.

How to Extract ETH in NFTcraft

In this recently launched gaming metaverse running on the Polygon chain any user can start playing for free. Each user will be awarded an NFT dwarf in the case of quality passing the demo-free quest! Users can play&earn using this NFT character.

NFTcraft implements a new type of business model in the Play-To-Earn games sphere. NFTcraft offers users to create and accumulate value through game mechanics via the ownership and enhancement of NFT objects. All NFT objects in the game have traceable value and are fully backed by the Ethereum fund. The gameplay allows players to accumulate and effectively monetize gaming skills in real money. The game model also provides the possibility of free gaming through which the user can earn a share of ETH pool. It is financed by NFT sales: 90% from each NFT sale and 2% from each resale go to the fund.

In the setting of the game, users are heroes who must help the galaxy dwarves civilization reach their goal and collect as much Radiant (RAD) as possible in the vastness of the Aquarian star system! In return, the dwarves will generously share with them neo-gold, which their people call Ethereum.

The player explores the Floating Islands to find as much in-game token Radiant (RAD) as possible. The game ends and rewards are distributed when the price of ETH surpasses the certain mark. The player can constantly upgrade dwarves by RAD in order to increase financial return from the game and increase NFT value for reselling. 

The demo version of the NFTcraft game with free game balances is available now on the official website on the Polygon chain. There was a quest and a competition held recently in which players were rewarded with a valuable NFT object and USDT prizes. Regular giveaways and airdrops are usually announced in the official project channel. The team also has an early desktop 3D version running on the Unity game engine. The release of the three-dimensional game is planned for late 2021. The 3D game will be a sandbox galaxy survival with the game process familiar to Minecraft. In the full version will be the functionality of virtual lands and an NFT constructor, with which players can create custom NFTs and place them on their plots. A mobile version for Android and iOS is currently under development.

There is NFT private sale ongoing on the official project site. Many have been sold already to play in further versions and ongoing competitions or for reselling on market with benefit. The player can join the demo web version for free or purchase NFT dwarf and wait a few months to play&earn on the Unity engine. Several thousand users are discussing this project in the official channels

NFTcraft welcomes ambassadors and influencers. Allocations for them are included in the NFTcraft tokenomics, and an ambassador program has been announced. The referral program will be launched soon.

The galaxy dwarf metaverse awaits its heroes.

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