Celebrity Addiction & Depression: How Alpha Healing Center Helped An Actress Get Through It

November 26 12:57 2021
Celebrity Addiction & Depression: How Alpha Healing Center Helped An Actress Get Through It
Celebrities are people too. They go through the same struggles as everybody else. This article is about one of them – an actress who was living with depression & addiction. This story mentions how she got help, & we share her story to inspire others. If you’ve ever experienced depression or addiction, this is for you. You may not be a celebrity, but you still deserve the best care possible. She found that treatment at Alpha Healing Center helped her get back on her feet & live a happy life again

Depression is something that many celebrities are battling. Depression affects millions of people every year, but it’s particularly hard for celebrity sufferers because of the public scrutiny they receive. The pressure to maintain a perfect life only adds to their depression and some may fall hard for different kinds of addictions. This article will examine a case of a famous celebrity who have struggled with addiction and depression, followed by what Alpha Healing Center did to help her during this difficult time.

How Covid Pandemic has had a major effect on her mental health

At age 20, she was one of the most beautiful, successful, and well-known TV actress in the Indian industry. Life was good, until one day Covid Pandemic hit and the entertainment industry was hit a bit. She began gaining weight, and then she started behaving in ways that didn’t seem normal. She started wearing baggy clothes and calling people “stupid.” She started drinking in public lately. After a few months of this strange behaviour, her family and friends wanted to know what was happening. One fine day, her friend called up the family of this celeb, and inquired about her medical history. Upon which, her mother said that she’d been diagnosed with clinical depression and alcohol dependence. Depression is a mental disorder where people experience prolonged periods of sadness or do not enjoy life as much as they used to. It can also make people feel tired, worthless, and hopeless. If left untreated, depression may develop into anxiety or other mental health disorders. Depression can be caused by genetic factors or environmental factors like stress.

How Alpha Healing Center helped her with addiction and depression

She was admitted in Alpha Healing Center for 2 months of course. She first made a visit with her family and inquired about the confidentiality of her admission. The process, and how the rehab works. Celebrities are not immune to these struggles either. In fact, many celebrities have struggled with depression and addiction throughout their lives before finding a way to heal themselves. It’s no secret that celebrities have it tough when it comes to dealing with depression. One in ten people who are severely mentally ill are likely to commit suicide. Statistics show that anxiety disorders are at an all-time high in Bollywood. She now follows a regular follow-ups and routine with our therapist and is completely sober for 10 months now.


Depression an addiction affects everyone differently, but a person needs a strong support system to help them get through it. Celebrities should not have to suffer alone. Celebrities and VIPs, as with the rest of us, can overcome this if they are given the help they need. If you’re struggling with depression, here’s how you can get the help you need. Get The Support You Need – Everybody needs help at some point or another. But it can be a huge challenge to seek help if you’re a celebrity. You have lakhs of people who love you, but that is still no match for the dozens of people who despise you. Getting through this requires a strong support system, and luckily for this case, she had that at her disposal. People reach out for help in all different ways. Some reach out for professional help.

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