A Metaverse consensus protocol, built by Meblox to connect to the multiverse, is emerging

November 09 23:42 2021

Internet platform has experienced the evolution from the PC to the mobile, from the graphic to the video, but it is far from the evolution of the stop: “the next stage will make users more immersive. It is a materialization of “all” to the Internet, in which you can not only see and hear, but also immerse. Physical experience can be enhanced through motion-sensing peripherals. We call it Metaverse, and it’s the soil on which our products feed.” 2021 is the first year of the Metaverse, and Meblox is committed to creating a more immersive, distributed Roblox ecosystem that takes the metaverse experience to the next level.

Meblox has built a metaverse ecosystem around games, finance, and unions in line with the current development phase of DeFi+SocialFi, providing the community with high-quality Dapp-based GameFi, NFT asset synthesis, DeFi+ NFT, and other multi-form products. To build the world’s largest online metaverse related ecological matrix and the global offline chain metaverse immersive space experience pavilion will eventually form a metaverse cluster connecting multiple projects and create the ultimate entrance of flow.

Meblox will create a more immersive 3D virtual reality convergence space for users. Meblox will build virtual entertainment and social products by linking UGC across the network, and digital rights confirmation through blockchain technology, so that contributors on the platform can receive their due rewards. Meblox can win the favor of international well-known investors in a short period of time. In addition to the support of the hot track, Meblox is also recognized by investors for the long-term value of Meblox’s global top technical team and projects, which will promote the rapid implementation and application of Meblox technology products in the market. The Meblox metaverse is not just a collection of technologies and games, but a virtual civilization system. Meblox will build a super civilization from three areas: social entertainment, games and economy.

Meblox Gamebox will be launched soon to realize the concept of combining game +NFT+Defi and establish a new open ecosystem and cooperation platform for blockchain games. It will break through the interface between games and gradually develop into a unified online and offline metaverse content plate. Meblox advocates the M-DAO governance concept, and will invite the world’s leading associations to join and govern together. Meblox stands in an international perspective and builds a digital metaverse ecosystem that includes commerce, social interaction, gaming, entertainment and education. It is committed to linking human intelligence with parallel space and gradually opening a new era of human digital civilization.

Both the upstream and downstream ecology of the metaverse and the landing applications require a complete economic system like Meblox to build a true civilization. A digital distributed metaverse super civilization is about to be born, and our future life will be completely overturned accordingly!

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