InstaViral: Instagram Creators Must-Have Tool To Improve Engagement Rate

November 09 22:22 2021
InstaViral has launched the creator’s must-have tools

One of the leading instagram marketing agencies, InstaViral, has finally released the creator’s must-have tool – Instagram hashtag generator. The much speculated tool was said to be in development for over 8 month, and well before the news of the launch of a new InstaViral website came to light.

As the CEO and the founder of InstaViral, Nikolas Geeslin has noted in his opening speech “the strive for mathematical perfection has had a major impact on the development of the tool”. It is worth noticing that the initial release of the hashtag generator for Instagram was planned a month prior – on October 4th. Yet, the launch date was delayed most likely for COVID, as the Lead Developer, L. Novak suggested, tweeting, “The COVID has hit all. The team is experiencing serious understaffing issues but is determined to finish the project soon.”

The newly released InstaViral engagement tool finds the best matching Instagram hashtags based on the user entry. The process of matching the tags is based on the analysis of the posts with the most engagement. Depending on the overall number of posts using a certain hashtag, the hashtag generator determines the percentage of posts to crawl and finds other semantically relevant keywords, which then are checked and added to the best hashtags list. 

The final list of the relevant Instagram hashtags is presented to the user in the form of separate tags that could be easily copied to the clipboard. The whole process of finding tags for a post takes up between 2-4 seconds. By contrast, when added manually using Instagram hashtag suggestions, finding suitable tags usually takes up to 3 minutes. Thus, using the new InstaViral tool is nearly 10 times faster and easier.

According to multiple studies, hashtags play an important role in Instagram engagement and growth. Once used merely by the algorithm, Instagram hashtags can now be followed and searched. Thus, having a relevant hashtag which best describes the context not only lets the algorithm accurately categorize it to suggest to the right audience, but increases the chance of viewer interaction. Though not all the hashtags are the same, and creators often struggle choosing the ones that suit their posts most and are the kind of Instagram hashtags to benefit from.

In that sense, tools like the Instagram hashtag generator from InstaViral are among the must-have growth tools giving insights into top performing hashtags in their niches. The top 3 hashtags shown by the generator also contain the total number of posts using the hashtag, the average number of likes and comments, and the average number of posts released per hour.

The new hashtag generator from InstaViral has reportedly already been tested by a select number of creators who had previously collaborated on the development of its growth delivery tool. The tool is freely available online without subscription fees or trials, and the CEO has expressed no intention of making it paid any time soon.  

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