PiLearn, an AI-Powered EdTech App for JEE, NEET, CBSE, ICSE Launched by BraKetLab, Founded by IIT Kanpur and IUCAA Alumni

September 06 23:20 2021

Pune, India – BraKetLab, headquartered in Pune, India, launched its AI-powered EdTech App, PiLearn, focused on success in JEE for Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT’s), National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to Medical Colleges, CBSE and ICSE. With its commercial launch, PiLearn becomes the first and only EdTech App in India for learning Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to deliver a personalized learning experience tailored to the learning needs of each student through an extensive and innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Image Processing.

PiLearn ensures success in these highly competitive exams by fulfilling the learning needs of every student using advanced AI algorithms.  Proprietary AI algorithms are used not only to assemble personalized study material and to create a study plan to meet the specific learning needs of a student but also to solve problems automatically. PiLearn’s AI chatbot will deliver the experience of an always present 24×7 virtual tutor. Its premium quality content, which meets and exceeds the stringent syllabus of CBSE has been 100% handcrafted by PhD’s and Post-Docs from reputed institutes of India and is tailored to enable students to succeed in JEE and NEET.

“We have developed and launched PiLearn to address the issues of Accessibility, Quality and Affordability (AQA) in India’s education sector, which is a huge market of ₹8.5 trillion of which ₹3.5 trillion is spent on secondary education alone”,  said Dr. Debajyoti Sarkar, CEO and co-Founder of BraKetLab. “However, with a very low AQA Index, current EdTech players are serving less than 10% of the market while more than 90% of the market wants access to quality education at a price Indian parents can afford. There has also been an urgent and unfulfilled need for technological innovation in the EdTech industry, post-Jio mobile revolution. This is where PiLearn comes in with its handcrafted, high quality content, which is Accessible, Affordable and Available anytime, anywhere and delivered the ‘AI Way, All the Way’, Dr Sarkar added.

“I am very proud of the innovative product BraKetLab team has delivered in PiLearn. The seeds of the advanced AI algorithms invented over five years of our research go all the way to when we were doing our PhD at IUCAA and also a long way to when we were studying Physics at IIT Kanpur. A unique algorithmic blend of inductive and deductive reasoning with deep learning in an EdTech application has been done for the first time in India and, perhaps, in the world”, stated Dr. Niladri Paul, COO, CTO and co-Founder of BraKetLab. “We were also very fortunate to be mentored by a US-based alum of IIT Kanpur, who believed in our dream and invested in BraKetLab as well”, Dr. Paul continued, “and here we are with PiLearn to help fulfill the dreams of millions of young Indians who want to become engineers, doctors and scientists.


BraKetLab is an EdTech company headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Its AI-powered PiLearn App is focused on enabling High School students to successfully compete in JEE and NEET and to be high achievers in CBSE and ICSE exams. PiLearn is available on Android platforms and can be downloaded from Google Play Store or from www.BraKetLab.com.

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