NABAIDUN Portable AC Will Help People Survive Historic Heat Dome

July 22 20:43 2021

Cool Summer v.s. Cruel Hot Summer: People needs a Portable Air Conditioner.

Seems like it’s a cruel summer: The once-in-a-millennium “heat dome” is attacking North America, and many regions encountered extremely high temperatures soared by nearly 122℉!

However, NABAIDUN portable air conditioner will turn this cruel hot summer into cool summer.

There may have been a thermostat in people’s house, which will suddenly go on strike and repair guy who can’t get to people until Monday. Or electric fans, constantly blowing in one direction and blowing hot air. No, it’s time for people to have a cool and portable heat fighter — NABAIDUN portable air conditioners.

NABAIDUN Portable AC: People’s Best

All-around Cooling – Wind blows 26ft long

NABAIDUN has always been an expert in manufacturing air-conditioning motors. This time, NABAIDUN wants to give customers more comprehensive care. The brand new NABAIDUN AC has 26-ft long air supply, and the external optional air outlet can change the direction of the air. It will let people enjoy all-round coolness, compared with other mobile air conditioners that have only two sides of air. Plus, rated at 8,000 BTUs(PC08), 10,000 BTUs(PC10), 12,000 BTUs(PC12), 14,000 BTUs(PC14), the NABAIDUN PC08 air conditioner is able to cool rooms quickly and easily.

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Ready to Use – Auto evaporation for cooling and 40L-70L large capacity for dehumidifying

NABAIDUN always adheres to the concept that convenience for customers always comes first. All air conditioners of NABAIDUN have an auto evaporation system to make air conditioning even easier.When people lies down on the sofa or bed and enjoy the coolness, people doesn’t have to worry about the water spilling on the floor, unlike most of the air conditioners on the market that need to drain when cooling.

Plus, its function is not limited to cooling, but it can also dehumidify interior space. By using the touch buttons next to the LCD display or the remote control, it’s easy to go from cooling to dehumidifier, or even to fan-only mode, NABAIDUN AC gives customers up to amazingly 11 (PC08) – 19 (PC14) gallons.

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Great Mobility – Room to room even home to office with wheels

NABAIDUN also pays much attention to improving user experience. If people wants to use the portable AC in living room during the day and bedroom at night, people wants it to be easy to move. For more ease of movement, the light-weighted NABAIDUN PC08 (appr. 50 pounds) is equipped with rotating casters to make it movable anytime.

Simple Installation

With its window installation kit, and appropriate power cord, customers will have no problem setting up the NABAIDUN AC in room for that instant relief. It also comes with a long exhaust hose to fit its single-hose system, so customers won’t have to run out and buy one. Plus, the filter of the item is washable, which make the bill people paid for it more valuable.

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More Surprise

NABAIDUN has taken into account the customers with very large dehumidification needs, the NABAIDUN dehumidifier can keep people away from the troubles of dampness!

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