Meet Lera Levinski, Miss Nation Universe 2021 Internationally Published Model & Beauty Queen

February 10 01:33 2021

Lera Levinski is an internationally published model and the reigning Miss Nation Universe 2021 titleholder. Since she was a young girl, it has been her dream to become a model. Being of Russian origin from a small town, there were not many modeling opportunities for her growing up, she began a day-job career as a banker and did modeling and acting like a side job for additional income when she moved to a larger city; Moscow. On a daily basis, clients from the bank would always tell her that she should be a model, not a banker. Such clients gave her confidence to fulfill her dream.


Lera began her journey with Miss US Nation Pageants, and later went on to win the international title of Miss Nation Universe; by applying for the Miss New York East Coast US Nation 2020 pageant. She became a finalist to compete for the state title of New York. Lera’s ability to carry herself so well, poise and confidence won the hearts of the judges in the panel and was crowned Miss New York US Nation 2020. The journey to the international crown was a hard one, Lera spent a lot of time perfecting her walk and interview skills. After winning the Miss US Nation crown in October 2020; she was nervous about competing at Miss Nation Universe. However, she was determined to do her best. The scores were close with the top 5, but Lera took home the Miss Nation Universe 2021 crown with much pride.

Lera has been published in many magazines, such as Vogue Magazine, GMARO, Marquis Fashion Magazine, Volant Magazines and others. Lera has big aspirations in the modeling industry, she plans to be in the industry for as long as possible – even until her 70’s or 80’s!

Lera is available for bookings, support and follow her on Instagram @lera.levinski

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